Anusuya Mata Temple

Chandrashila regional place

One of the most famous pilgrim places in Chamoli is the Anusuya Devi Temple, dedicated to goddess Sati. Anusuya Devi was the wife of Atri Muni, a great sage and one of the Sapta Rishis (Sapta means seven and rishis mean sages in Sanskrit). It is said that Devi Anusuya fully dedicated to her husband. It is located Chamoli in the lap of Himalayas which attracts the pilgrim. This is an easy trek that goes through the dense forestof Oke species.

In the beautiful litigant of nature is located the temple Anusuya Mata which depicts the religious nature of India. On the occasion of Dattareya Jayante which falls every year in the month of December, huge fair is organised which attracts both pilgrims and tourists. People from far away places come to see the Atrimuni Ashram and 70 mtr water fall.

The environment of this place is very religious and soothing to eyes which attract pilgrims and travellers. The path of this temple passes through middle of the lap of the Himalayas which leads to the picturesque scenery of nature.